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Regol-G/Cartom Products is a manufacturer of QUALITY OUTDOOR TRAVEL & PHOTO ACCESSORIES. Many of our products are made in the U.S.A. and crafted from quality materials.

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Our products are sold by independent dealers and small chains. Choose us, and offer your customers a quality product that they won’t find in the mass market.

If you are a retailer of GPS, sporting goods, travel accessories, outdoor outfitting, or sport specialties and looking for a line of QUALITY accessories, you should look to us. Request more information by E-mail, Phone, or Fax:

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PO Box 608957
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Tel: (216) 451-0666 (Corporate Office)
FAX: (216) 451-1833

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Become a Web Partner

The Cartom Web Partners Program offers a real business opportunity for Web Site owners who are currently engaged in Internet commerce, E-mail commerce, or operate informative Web sites covering beach, travel, outdoors, sports, photography, and/or adventure.

Cartom’s quality product line is made in the U.S.A. Our dealers can offer their customers a quality product that is not available from discount stores. Cartom offers a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee on all Cartom products.

Participants in the Cartom Web Partners Program are granted license to use graphics and ad copy from the Cartom Web site for promoting Cartom products. A simple line of HTML code links to the Cartom site and allows us to track the scource of the referral. The link can also target a specific product category within the Cartom site. Partners earn a 20% commission on every Cartom item sold to customers they refer. Earned commissions are paid monthly.

All information submitted to Cartom is confidential and is NOT sold or leased to third parties.

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P.O. Box 608957
Cleveland OH 44108-0957
Tel: (216) 451-0666 (Corporate Office)
FAX: (216) 451-1833
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